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Contributor II
Contributor II

Mekko Chart - Library Colors missing with master dimensions

Hi all,

I am running QS desktop 13.51.18 Nov 2019 patch 10.

I am working on a mekko chart where I have my master dimensions for the color coding.

The objective is to use the same color coding I have used for the dimensions across the app.

When I use them and I go in the "Color and legend" menu I don't have the option to select the library colors so I cannot use the same color coding,

It should be available from what I see from the help section.


I could find this as bug fixed in any release notes. Would you know how best to go about it?

I prefer not to install the new version for now unless is required to fix this.

If any other information is needed please do let me know.

Thank you in advance for your help.



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I know it won't help, but Ihave to mention that I face the same issue with the Desktop Version June 2020. It seems that no matter the colors I define in the Master Dimensions, Mekko Chart does not take it into account. I have checked it works well (color coding /Dimensions) with others charts like Pie, Tree...