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Contributor III
Contributor III

Monitor Daily Changes in Data

I have a customer table that is rebuilt by a SQL query every day. It has to meet certain conditions to make it onto this table. I'm capturing the table every day and writing it a CSV file (a new one each day). 

I have another app that is loading all of these files into it, daily.

Each day, customers may be added, some removed. I need to be able to monitor these changes. I'm able to count the distinct amount of customers each day by attaching a date onto the data model of each build. The issue I'm stuck is, I need to return a text field on the unique values between days. 

For example, Monday to Tuesday.


Customer #Customer Name
1Customer One
2Customer Two
3Customer Three



Customer #Customer Name
2Customer Two
3Customer Three
4Customer Four


This data model is joined together in my app. It's all one table. Is it even possible to make a chart table by the date dimension that has two measures "Customers Added" and "Customers Removed".

Something like this?

DateCustomers AddedCustomers Removed
1/2/2020Customer FourCustomer One
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