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Contributor III
Contributor III

Need a Grid type Calendar view which contains and show daily events from a table, is it possible?

Hi All,

We need a Grid type Calendar view in a Qlik Sense page which need to show day wise events, just like Calendar view in  Outlook.

Is this view possible in Qlik Sense ?

If yes please let us know how to do the same.

Thank you,


Thank you,
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Specialist III
Specialist III

without the use of an extension, it is not possible to imitate the calendar in Qlik Sense. 

the problem is that you need Week as a dimension bec in a calendar, the dates are ordered by week rows.  in QlikView you can hide a column but not in Qlik Sense.  try this:


load Date, week(Date) as Week, WeekDay(Date) as Day, month(Date) as Month, year(Date) as Year;
load Date(today()-iterno()) as Date
While iterno()<90;
load 1 AutoGenerate(1);

load Date, rand()*1000 as Amount
Resident Calendar;



filter of a specific Month, then create a table chart:

dim is Week

+ 7 expressions starting with Sun:


Date(only({<Day={'Sun'}>}Date),'DD') & '

' & num(Sum({<Day={'Sun'}>}Amount),'#.##')
,' ')



create 6 more for the other days:



as yo can see, since you cant hide the week column, it ruins the visual