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Contributor III
Contributor III

ODAG script file not working

Hi,  I have a script that is working fine when I place it in the editor of the detailed template app 

FROM [$(vSys.Path.QVD.General)\Master.Data\D_PRODUCTS.qvd](qvd)
where match([PROD_NAME],$(odags_PROD_NAME);

Our load scripts are dynamic and placed in txt files.  The txt file with the script is called via the data load editor but is not working with odags, receive the following error: 

Error: Unexpected token: ')', expected one of: '(', 'Z.ScriptEvalStr', 'ZTestw_z', 'OPERATOR_PLUS', 'OPERATOR_MINUS', 'not', 'bitnot', ...

For testing I replaced  $(odags_PROD_NAME) with a value and that is working fine.  Any idea why that odags function is not working when you call it via a txt file via the data load editor and not directly from the data load editor.


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Contributor III
Contributor III

I think you are missing a ")" just before the ";" to close the match function.

Contributor III
Contributor III

sorry, typo in my post.  the script is with that additional ')' .  It is working if I place that script directly in the load editor.  But we work with a couple of configfiles so in the load editor we call a txt file that will generate the load statement and execute it but that doesn't seems to work (the load is working if I remove that where clause).