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Operations Monitor App - Excluding deleted sheets

We’re utilise the Operations Monitor App provided by Qlik Sense to build our own monitor app. We're binary loading from the Operations Monitor App in an ETL app and then store the tables as separate QVD's which we then use in our own Monitor app.

Looking at the table app_object and the field "Sheet Name" - I’ve noticed that it shows both the current sheets but also the deleted sheets within our app. In the Operations Monitor App provided by Qlik - this is not the case. I struggle to see where in the script the deleted sheets gets excluded?

Could someone please indicate where in the Operation Monitor App script this is done and how? 

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this is the section of the script 

/ Use Inner Join because I only want to end up with this information for records which are active sheets in the QRS (and to exclude sheet objects)
Inner Join (sheet_app_object) // This table created earlier in this section
//DISTINCT temp_object_id,
[Sheet Name],
AppObjectId,[App Object Created Date],[App Object Modified Date],[App Object Modified By],[App Object Description],[App Object Type],
[App Object Publish Time],[App Object Published],[App Object Approved],[App Object Name],[App Object Owner],[Sheet Type],[engineObjectId]
Resident temp_app_object_sheet;

it's in the qrs_appobject section