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Contributor II
Contributor II

Pass filter value to Data load script in Qlik Sense

Hi All,

Is there a way where a filter value could be passed to data load script ?

I have tried using GetFieldSelections and other functions but they are not getting values passed rather passing the function as is.

Also , tried assigning the evaluated value to another variable but that also showing the function as is.


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Creator III
Creator III

What you can do is:

  1. Declare a variable in the script set vVariable=GetFieldSelections(FieldToFilter); 
  2. Add a Navigation & Actions Button in the App and set a variable value
    1. variablename:  vVariable2
    2. Value:                  =$(vVariable)            
  3. You would need to create a partial reload button and add the following to the script:

    1. Variable:
      add Load
      '$(vVariable2)' as Variable
      autogenerate (1);

      ADD LOAD
      subfield(purgechar(Variable, chr(10)),',',$(i)) as Variable_NUMBER
      RESIDENT Variable
      Where Len(subfield(purgechar(Variable, chr(10)),',',$(i)))>0;


  4. In that way you would obtain the specific filter that you are doing inside the script
Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi lanlizgu ,

Many Thanks for your suggestion.

I have tried the steps given by you. But,I am unable to get the field selected value to data load editor script.

Can you please share a qvf for this?



Creator III
Creator III

Please find attached a QVF that will store in a variable the selection done in a field (just select 1 value, for more values you would need to develop as mentioned):

  1. You select 1 year
  2. You click on My Button
  3. You Click on Validar
  4. Once the partial reload is done you will see in the vVariable2 variable the selected year


You need to have the reload_partial extension and Navigation & Actions installed

Contributor II
Contributor II

The extensions holders in the app says invalid visualization inspite of having the extensions in place.

Do I have to select any navigation action ? or should it be none.?

Creator III
Creator III

You can't see none of the extensions?


for the Navigation + Actions

PFA the reload partial extension