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Contributor II
Contributor II

Pie Chart without dimension

Hi all,

I have used the search, but I don't exactly know how to search this, I hope someone can help me..

I want a pie chart wihout setting a specific dimension, just the sum of values in that column.

In Excel you can use the sum of values of a specific column, and the dimension is the name of that column (axis=Values).

So what I need:

Column A = Total of 5000
Column B = Total of 5000
Column C = Total of 5000
Column D = Total of 5000
Than I want to see a pie chart, with 4 quarters of 5000 and each is named afterthat Column.

Am I making sense?

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Hi @MCmiranda 

Just try using valuelist. On dimension , write down something analogue to Valuelist('A','B','C',D')

After that, add a Measure with something similar to this

if(ValueList('A','B','C','D') = 'A',sum(A), //expression for column A
if(ValueList('A','B','C','D') = 'B',sum(B), //expression for column B
if(ValueList('A','B','C','D') = 'C',sum(C), //expression for column C
if(ValueList('A','B','C','D') = 'D',sum(D), //expression for column D

Hope it helps


Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks! I get the picture 🙂