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Contributor II
Contributor II

Pivot Table Customization


I'm trying to create a simple dynamic table in QlikSense but I'm having difficulties to customize the table, I'm even a little embarrassed to ask this here on the forum because it's something very simple but I couldn't really find a way to do it:



What I'm trying to do is:

1) The column "AnoMesComBarra" is not showing the total content of the cells, it should appear year/month, for example, 2021/01, but it is showing 202...
How do I get the header not to be abbreviated?

2) I would like to collapse the column "Product Segment" and leave the others expanded, only the option to collapse all columns appears, I cannot collapse just one as it was possible in QlikView. How do I do this in QlikSense?

3) Dimension names appear as buttons, I would like them to appear as shown in the image below. How do I do that?:





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