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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Plotting Year Over Year (YoY) evolution in a line chart

Hi everyone,

I'm new at Qlik and I'm trying to plot two lines overlapped in the same line chart representing data from the actual and past year.

I have to plot the number of "tickets" opened at certain dates. To do this, I have a field called "opening date" which I'm using as a dimension. The expression I'm using is the following one:


=month([Opening date])& ' ' & year([Opening date])


On the other hand, the measure I'm doing is defined as a simple count:



However, when I plot this I'm just getting the data point belonging to a certain opening date but I'd like to see a continuous time axis. Please, see the screenshot:


line chart.jpg

As you can see, jul. 2021 and nov. 2021 are depicted but instead I'd like to see july, august, september, october, etc. The lines depicted should be one for the current year and the other one for the past year. They should represent the data according to the opening date.


Thanks in advance






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