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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Possible to add Multiple axis in Qlik Sense Combo Bar chart

For proceed values, since SG market has the largest value and other markets will have very small numbers, the bar chart is heavily skewed due to this. user was told that there is no way to make is appear more appropriate!

User looking for only those specific SG market should shows in the same bar chart with different Measure





But they are looking for like this




·       In this chart, SG is taking more space/height as it’s value is high and other markets are having less height/space. This is normal behaviour.

·       Bar chart in Qlik Sense doesn’t have any option to add a secondary axis

·       In combo chart its possible but there are other limitations in combo eg. You can not add 2 dimensions in it. Here we have 2 dimensions ie. Market and Amount Buckets.

·       Considering all this, recommendation is to create one more copy of above chart, in one chart will analyze SG market data only and in 2nd chart we will analyze other markets.

Is it possible ? if yes how we can achieve this?. Thank you for your reply



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