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Specialist III
Specialist III

Problem in calculating Growth% by Month-Year

Hi Techies,

I am facing a problem while calculating growth% by Month-Year in Table chart. The result I am expecting is :

Month-Year  KPI Growth%

Jul-2017       A      10%(Val of Jul-2017 / Val of Jul-2016 -1)

Jul-2017       B      20%

Jul-2017       C      30%

Aug-2017     A      10%

Aug-2017     B      20%

Aug-2017     C      30%

Formula I am considerng is : July 2017 Sales/July 2016 -1

Please let me know how to do it

Thanks in advance



3 Replies

And which type of chart you are using.

Specialist III
Specialist III

tabular or pivot anyone but I need to use Month-Year dimension and one other dimension and in measure I need to find the growth as this month 2017 by this month 2016


May be try with Variables or straight table will give correct result.