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Problem with filters


I work with Qlik sense 3.2 SR4 version and I have to print my sheet... The problem is that once I convert the sheet into a PDF file, filters disappear.

I know that filters normally can't be viewed but I have to find a way in order to make them displayable because the final user has to know what he has selected

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Creator III
Creator III

Hi Matteo,

As per the functionalities available for sheets in Qliksense,You cant display the filters in the exported pdf file,For showing the same you have to select story option,in which you can take the screenshot of your dashboard with selected filters with resultant data,then you will be get your required output..


You can try using a Text & image object to show a measure that uses the GetCurrentSelections function to show the selections.

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Hi Gysbert.

Thank you for your response, it has been very helpful. The fact is that with this kind of function, i cant see the selection that I've done.

During visualisation, If I make a selection inside a filter, the function GetCurrentSelections shows me the selected values. Despite this behavior during visualisation, once I made the conversion into a PDF file, the function GetCurrentSelections isn't available

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Hi Matteo,

I solved with this: go to master items and create a new Measure. Call it Selections for example and define it as GetCurrentSelections().

Now create a new Text & image object and put Selections measure inside it. If you try to export this into a PDF you'll see the risult of your selections.