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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Security

We have a question about Qlik's security capabilities.

We have a labor / staffing report that lists data for all of our locations, including a column with sensitive wages data.
We need some users to be able to see all staffing data, including wages, for certain locations. But those same users should NOT be able to see wages for OTHER locations.

We are being told that this is not possible, and that it's essentially all or nothing. 

Is there a way to allow certain users to see all data for some locations within the same app, but prevent them from seeing data in a particular column for other locations?

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Creator III
Creator III

Hi, It is quite possible, and not that difficult to do. Search for applying the section access on row/column based levels. You can check some links on community for procedure for the same. With section access, you can even limit the amount of data along with the number of columns that are to be accessed by the user.

Trial and error is the key to get unexpected results.
Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Absolutely! By way of row data reduction on the locations & applying omit on sensitive wage field.

You can get started here Managing data security with Section Access