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Dear All,

We are following Stream based access in QMC for various modules. However one user has to see a particular app in another team's stream. How to restrict the access to that user to that particular app without disturbing the existing set up of stream based access.

Please suggest.

Thank You.


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Creator III
Creator III

You can use additional security rules.

I prefer using the custom property method, you add a custom preoprty for users/apps, and then you check wethere the user got app permission or not.

If a user got permission to an entire stream without app permission, he can see all the apps.

If a user got app permission, he will see only the app in this specific stream.

Have a look at this youtube video explination from Qlik.




Hi Eliran,

Thanks a lot for your immediate response.

I too saw this video. But my question was if custom properties is the only method to go about with App based authorization.

Is there any other way to sort this out.

Creator III
Creator III

You can use section access.

That way, the user will see the app, but can't access it.