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Qlik Sense Pivot table sorting

Hello Everyone,

I need help with Pivot Table sorting. I did handle this with custom expression, it works fine for the first dimension but lower dimensions though I have used the expression it does not sort properly.

Context - I have 7 levels. Level 1, 2, 3 >> have show/hide condition based relevant associations with the Corporate user tends to see the pivot table for. Level 4,5,6,7 >> common across all Corporates. The Pivot table needs to sort the data by descending of the most recent month displayed. By default it displays 6 months, we are controlling the most recent month condition via expression.

Issue - The expression we wrote works fine for the first dimension, but lower one's it does not sort. However, if user selects the a particular Level record then pivot table sorts all the lower dimensions as expected.

Formulae used - sum({<$(MonthFeild_RawData)={$(=$(MaxMonth_UserSelected))}>}Amount)

Has anyone faced this issue? Please let us know your inputs.


Thank you in advance!





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