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Contributor II

Qlik Sense Relation Error

Hello everyone,

So, i am having trouble why relating to tables in Qlik Sense desktop. 

First, i will give you some insight. There are two different tables, that have an unique code and a year value. Exactly the same between tables for every row. We create an association that is green and perfect by using those two values. There are no empty values or nulls. However when i try to edit my analysis sheet, some errors come up. I can only think that they are related to the assosciation but maybe there is a different possibility i am not seeing. I add an image of the result of showing in a table the values of YEAR of the two tables.

Can anyone help me out and maybe brainstorm the possible errors? 

Thank you all in advance and sorry for your incovenience,

Juan Tafarello



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Partner - Master
Partner - Master


I think your data model is incorrect or some datas are missing.

For example:

You have two tables, both with a order no, the first tabel is the order year, the second with the invoice year.

In a table you maybe see

Order Year 2016 and related Invoice Year 2016 and 2017 and maybe null

Order Year 2017 and related Invoice Year 2017

amd so on.

I think you want to compare things you can't compare - in your data model

Use ONE year and ONE number and maybe two value fields like order value and invoice value