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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Qlik Sense URL/Hyperlink in Straight Table

Is there any way to have a data value within a field show as a hyper link in a straight table. I have a field that contains a URL for each transaction that can take the user back to the source system. I can see the URL in the table, but it is not a working hyperlink. Is there any way to achieve this in Sense? I've read some discussions on how to do this in QlikView using the '<URL>' function, but that doesn't seem to work in Sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Former Employee
Former Employee

This is now possible with the standard table object in Qlik Sense. Just set the Representation property of the dimension column to URL. Below is a screen shot of the property drop down in the table properties and a sample table containing a calculated column displayed as a URL.

URL Option.png


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Yes, great news - I have used it a month now -

Hopefully for next version - using the example above. Afghanistan would be the clickable column using

the url in the second column.  - now I need to "waste" one column for a url that it is self does not add any value displayed.

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Hi Qlik,

Could you please let us know, whether this feature has been implemented in Qlik Sense?



Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi, this is great!

However' I would like to link to a file in the file server and this url is padded with a prefix of "http://..." before the path. tried to trim it with replace function but it does'nt work. any idea?

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II