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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Sense not concatenating. Synth key with all fields.


I have loaded a table from a QVD file (which by now is empty) and then I have created another table in the script using preceding loads, with exactly the same field names as the one from the QVD.

I expected Qlik Sense to automatically concatenate both tables, but it has created a huge synth key with all the fields of both tables, so in the model view there are no "own" fields in any table and all fields in the synth key:


What am i missing?

Thank you.

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@Morgoz  can you share the load script ?

and if you use concatenate ?

Taoufiq ZARRA

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Like @Taoufiq_Zarra  mentioned, use concatenate().  Sometimes it's handy to short-hand in a loop, letting it auto-concatenate, but it will make you and colleague's jobs harder to maintain/troubleshoot when you have to remember what tables are auto-concatenating when it's easy as concatenate(<tablename>)

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thank you for the responses,

yes, finally I forced the concatenation with "concatenate" and everything is working, but the thing is that I can't understand whay is Qlik Sense not concatenating automatically.

Here are the script loading sections for those tables:


Load * 
FROM [lib://DQs_QVDs/DQ_FACTS_DRV.qvd] (qvd)
where Num(EXEC_DATE_SQL_QVD)<$(fecha_ejecucion_num)


That sentence returns an empty DQ_FACTS_QVD_INIT table.


    Load *, 
   	    If(ERROR_TYPE_QVD='Creation', ID_DQ_COUNTS_aux & '-' & 'Yes', ID_DQ_COUNTS_aux & '-' & 'All') AS ID_DQ_COUNTS_QVD;        
    Load *,  
   	TYPE_ID & '-' & Text(DATE(EXEC_DATE_SQL,'YYYYMMDD')) AS ID_DQ_COUNTS_aux,	if(date(CREATION_DATE,'DD/MM/YYYY')=Date($(fecha_analizada_num),'DD/MM/YYYY'),'Creation','Modification') as ERROR_TYPE_QVD
   	Resident DQ_DRIVER;
       	Drop Fields ID_DQ_COUNTS_aux from DQ_FACTS_INIT;



More or less those are the sections where tables are loaded, for simplicity I have not included all fields.



Specialist II
Specialist II

It looks like in the 2nd load DQ_FACTS_INIT you have an extra column being loaded "ID_DQ_COUNTS_aux" that you drop after.  But the auto-concatenate would happen when the table is created in memory.