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Qlik Sense session ID using mashup APIs


Is it possible to get the session ID stored in X-Qlik-Session from a client mashup? I need this for authentification purposes on a third party API. I see that the session id is passed in a cookie in the request header to QS, but it is not accessible from javascript (probably HttpOnly). I tried using the proxy API, but this only returns the userid and the directory, not the session id.

Is there any other way to get this info using an API, or some other technique I am not thinking about?


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Partner - Contributor III

Any progress on this?
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Partner - Creator

Hello Sebastian,

Since our API was living on the same server, I was able to get the same cookie from the API side in C#. 

string sessionId = null;
context.Request.Cookies.TryGetValue("X-Qlik-Session", out sessionId);
Hope it helps!