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QlikSense: Forcing a button click when a filter is changed


I have a variable called vVar that are embedded into two buttons Volume & Value (Master Items), these buttons shift between sales volume and sales value based on the button that is selected. First button has vVar = 1  (volumes) and second is vVar = 2 (values). And all the set analysis in my sheet are done based on if vVar = 1 or vVar = 2.

On the other hand, I have a filter 'Type' that has 3 options (A,B,&C), when option A is selected, the Value button is deactivated and not usable (Simply because there is no value for Type A, so I dont want it active for the end user), unless you go on Type B or C, only then you can click on value button and the user is able to see the value of sales of Type B or C.

Example, if you select filter Type B and click on Value button, it shifts to value of B. The problem is, if going back to filter Type A, the volume button isn't selected back as it is a manual mouse-click process that is done by the end-user. Is there any way to force the shifting between these two buttons based on what is selected in Type filter without having to manually select which button using the mouse?

Thank you

Thank you!

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unfortunately, qliksense does not have triggers.  what you should do is incorporate the selections of type into yor logic.  you need to think of all the combinations of vVar and type and figure out how to incorporate that into you expressions.  maybe you can use combination of if statements in your expressions with SHOW IF conditions of your measures in your table