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Partner - Contributor II

REST connection: methods PATCH, PUT and DELETE

Hi everyone,

I need to use a PATCH, PUT and DELETE methods in a REST connection but when I create it I only have two options: "GET" and "POST"


 It's possible use those others methods? And what's the correct way of use them? Can someone give an example?



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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hey Katherine,

I found a workarround for the method delete:
1) Create a new connection with your necessary options and Method = Get
2) Let Qlik Build your REST Connection automatically and replace fields and/or settings within the script
3) Go to Data Connections within the QMC and edit the new data connection
4) Replace method=GET with method=DELETE within the field connection string
5) Save your changes and reload the script editor

--> Now you should be able to delete via Qlik and the REST-Connector 🙂

Unfortuantly I haven't found any Qlik intern solution for methods PATCH or PUT.
Have you found a solution for these methods?


Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your answer.

I can't found any solution for methods PATCH and PUT yet.

If I find something I'll gladly share it with you.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi @paulriedel & @katherine_flore ,

I need to use method DELETE in Qlik Sense REST API connection. I created a POST connection and edited it from QMC with method DELETE. But when I run the script, it is adding rows instead of removing them. Could you guys please help me in figuring out what I am doing wrong here ?

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,

Madhuparna Dhar


Hello, currently only GET and POST verb methods are supported in the REST connector. There is one approach where you can add an additional header attribute called X-HTTP-METHOD-OVERRIDE with the value you are trying to use such as PUT, DELETE, HEAD to override the verb method selected in the REST connector, but X-HTTP-METHOD-OVERRIDE is only currently supported in NPrinting and not Qlik Sense. You can find more information here

In either case, there are feature requests currently open for both issues above, so I recommend contacting support and referencing that article so they can use your case to add more weight to those requests.