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Partner - Creator III

Reload Task with trigger from QMC

Hi Qlikers,

I would like to know how I should addapt my script in the following case.

I have 2 apps:

APP1: One that load my data from excel source and convert into QVD. So every day I have a new DATA_YYYYMMDD.QVD. the raload task is set to each 5 minutes because files can arrive at any moment. But a first check is done at the begining to look il file is new. if there is no new file then I use function Exit Script in order to not run complete relaod for nothing.

APP2: The second app will load all the QVD in order to have full history of data. So the second App (APP2)  has been set to be triggered after APP1.

I would like to only trigger APP2 if APP1 has loaded new data. But in QMC I only have option to trigger if reload APP1 Succes or Failed. So exit script in APP1 doesn't return a fail and I have my APP2 relaoded every 5 minutes for nothing. I could place the same conditions as in APP1 (file is new) but then if a load nothing I have not data in my APP2.

Maybe I'm not doing it right or maybe there is a better construction to set. Or also I partial relaod could be triggered from QMC this would help but apparently it's not possible.

Thanks for your support

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