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Reuse of Dimensions based on derived fields, colors, etc. Are they currently "working as designed"????


I have the following comments about Qlik Sense Dimensions created using derived fields from multiple instances of calendar dates, colors assigned to discrete dimension values through the UI, and the reuse of Dimensions and Measures.  I would like to know if these are "working as designed":

  1. Run your script and create a new Dimension using as base a derived field from an autoCalendar and then select a value of that dimension through the UI, the name of the filter displayed in the top filter bar is the name of the original derived field, not the name of the corresponding Dimension.  So, if you have two derived fields called BUDAT.autoCalendar.Year and AEDAT.autoCalendar.Year, and then you create two Dimensions called "Reception Year" and "Order Year", respectively, when you select a year through a filter pane in the UI for either the "Purchase Year" or the "Reception Year", what the end-user sees in the applied filters top bar are two filters titled BUDAT.autoCalendar.Year and AEDAT.autoCalendar.Year.  Now, how is an end-user supposed to know which one is which?;
  2. Assume a case of on operation with one field for N product families and another field for M product lines (there is an obvious hierarchical relationship between these, where N >= 1 and N <= M). Create a new dimension for each of these two fields and use the color tool to assign colors to each unique value (use appropriate color coding to define tonalities for the product lines based on the base color of their corresponding product family).  Now, try to reuse these dimensions to create a Product Family-Line Drill Down Dimension.  Can any of the previous work be reused?;  and,
  3. Finally, why can't the developer / designer just use existing Measures and Dimensions to create new ones or to reuse them anywhere an expression is required (as for example, in the Order by Expression option).  If I have a new Measure that is defined as, for example, a previously created Measure divided by the max() of a previously defined Dimension, why do we have to rewrite the expressions from scratch?:

I apologize if these inconveniences really do not exist and are just a reflection of my lack of knowledge on how to properly use Qlik Sense June 2018).  In any case, please advise on how to achieve the design goals indicated in the points above.



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