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Contributor II
Contributor II

Running Total Calculation on Calculated Field


I did see some other posts in the Qlik Community, but  none that seemed to work for resolving my issue. I have data pulled in from an Excel Sheet into Qlik Sense. I was able to pull in the number of completed requests and % of Completed requests. The formula used for % of Completed Requests is:

Count([Approval Completed Date 2])/Count(TOTAL [Approval Completed Date 2])

I am trying to do an additional calculation to get the Running Total Percentage (Please see attached Excel File of the data and screenshot showing the current display in Qlik Sense).

I'd like/expect the Columns to look most likely as the below is displayed (Also will be able to see in the Excel sheet)

Completed Requests                           % of Completed Requests                      Total Running Percentage

155                                                                100%                                                                                 ---

84                                                                  54.19%                                                                          54.19%

61                                                                  39.35%                                                                          93.54%

9                                                                    5.81%                                                                             99.35%  

1                                                                    0.65%                                                                             100%


I want to ensure that any additional months and years will update accordingly as well.


Qlik Sense Image.PNG

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Specialist III
Specialist III


Have you had a look at AsOfPeriod. It's what I use for accumulations.

Ive never had to do accumulation by Month. But assume you would set

Sum({$<MonthDiff={0}>} Sales)




Contributor II
Contributor II

I did try and look at what you suggested but that didn't work for me. I'm also not looking to create a bunch of additional tables and linkages for this.