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Contributor II
Contributor II

Sankey Show As Percentage


Wondering if someone can help me whether this is possible I have a Sankey diagram as below;


Based on a measure which is basically count( distinct [Unique ID])

Is it possible to show these figures as a % - aggregated within the Opportunity Type (far left) - so it would basically say

59% referred to commercial - 88% on time etc.

I have multiple opportunity types so this would need to be within the opportunity type.

Have tried;

count( distinct [Unique ID])/count(total distinct [Unique ID])

count( distinct [Unique ID])/count(aggr(count(total distinct [Unique ID]),[Opportunity Type]))

As yet no beans. Any help would be massively appreciated! 😄

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Creator II
Creator II

Did anyone figure this out? I'm getting weird Sankey results in certain situations if i drill down (I just submitted a separate post on this).

Contributor II
Contributor II

No solution which I have found or been offered as of yet... i've seen this done in Tableau though ...