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Contributor II
Contributor II

Send email from Email address Field

Hi all,

I want to send email to  customer from my email address Field. Can I do it on Qlik sense ?

Do you have any solution please help me

Thanks a lot,

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Phong,

Qlik Sense haven't got this kind of feature.

I suppose the email address present in a table, you can export them into excel, and use chain mail feature of outlook if the content should different for every user.

If you need email sending at the refresh, then you can call an executable from load script that do the work.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks for your consider, I will try to do it with other ways


Phong, I am using Qlik Web Connector to send email to the customer on Summary level or upto 5 attachment upto 50 mb. If you need any help about the script let me know i will share the script...

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Nasir,

I really appreciate about that. Can you share with me the script ? Thanks so much again



Hi phongnnguyen,

Sorry for the late reply i was bit busy in my offices work month closing hence did not replied..

Here is the procedure for the sending mail from qlik sense through script...

1. Download Qlik Web Connector paste in the C drive and Install the services (C:\QlikWebConnectorsJune2018\BatchFiles\Install Service.bat) then check the services.msc

2. After successfully installation of Qlik Web Connector browse web page http://localhost:5555/web ‌go to Standard tab and Qlik Notification/SMTP Connector for configuration of your email.

3. Go to App script and use the below scripts.....

LET vTableNameStore= 'Email_Log';



  timestamp(now()) as TimestampSTART,

  status as status_START,

  result as result_START,

  filesattached as SendEmail_filesattached_START,

  '$(vVariable1)'  as Email_Type

  FROM [http://localhost:5555/data?connectorID=NotificationConnector&table=SendEmail&UserName=email&Password...


  Load * From [lib://QVD (toi-bi_administrator)/$(vTableNameStore).qvd](qvd);

  STORE $(vTableNameStore) INTO [lib://QVD (toi-bi_administrator)/$(vTableNameStore).qvd](qvd);

  Drop Table $(vTableNameStore);

End Sub

Let vAttachement = Null();

Let vAlertRecipients = '';

Let vAlertRecipientsCC = '';

Let vRecipients = replace(replace('$(vAlertRecipients)','@','%40'),';','%3b');

Let vRecipientsCC = replace(replace('$(vAlertRecipientsCC)','@','%40'),';','%3b');

Let vAlertSubjectInputSTART = 'Sample Email Notification : ' &  ' $(vReportToDate)';

LET vAlertMessageInputSTART =

'<style>table, th, td {border: 1px solid black;}tr:last-child { background: yellow; }th, td {padding: 5px 5px 5px 5px;}h4{background-color:Silver}</style>' &

'<font face="verdana">' &

'<p>Dear All<br><br>Please find the attached ' & replace('$(vAlertSubjectInputSTART)',' ','+') & '</p>' &

'<p>*** This is an automatically generated email, please contact MIS team in case of any discrepancy ***.</p>' &



Let vSubject = replace('$(vAlertSubjectInputSTART)',' ','+');

Let vMessage = replace('$(vAlertMessageInputSTART)',' ','+');

Call StoreAndDrop(vRecipients,vRecipientsCC,vSubject,vMessage,vFromName,vFromEmail,vAttachement,vAlertSubjectInputSTART)

Still facing issue below is my contact details you can contact me on WhatsApp i will help with the images and scripts app.