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Set Default Selections in Alternate States When Opening Sheet

I have the Year-Month selection in two separate filter panes and set to P0 and P1 alternate states respectively.

I am unable to find a way to set a default selection in the sheet properties actions upon sheet opening.

The desired action would be to set P0:Year-Month to the previous month and P1:Year-Month to the current month in

these alternate states panes when the sheet is open. 

I know how to set defaults, but not when you add alternate states in the mix.

See the example attached with a  bookmark created. What would be the converted expression to set the default selection actions in the sheet?

Screenshot 2022-08-02 122429.png

Need this as the default selection upon opening the sheet:

Screenshot 2022-08-02 123048.png

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Hi, how I would do in this case: as there are 2 filters with separate alternate states, in one filter I would write

{<Date(Date#([Year-Month],'YYYY-MM'))= {"=Date(Date#([Year-Month],'YYYY-MM'))=monthstart(today())"}>}

to get current month and for previous month in another state/filter I would write

{<Date(Date#([Year-Month],'YYYY-MM'))= {"=Date(Date#([Year-Month],'YYYY-MM'))=addmonths(monthstart(today()),-1)"}>}

Now with these 2 dates in filters, separated by states I go and create new bookmark:


Now, as I have dynamic dates bookmark, I in sheet properties go to Actions and add action 'Apply bookmark' and from bookmarks list select one needed.