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Contributor II
Contributor II

Set Modifiers that releases selections on one field only

I've looked at previous answers to similar questions but I still cannot get the result I need.

so I have a date field among many others and I need to put a set expression that removed all selection or filtering from the date field but keeps any other user selection as is.

for now it looks like this :

sum({<[Date.autoCalendar.Year] ={'$(vLastYear)'}>}TAmount)

but if the user limits dates to this year, it will produce a 0 for this formula. I still want this to produce the total amount of last year without changing any other selections so I cannot use the wholesome {1}.

Appreciate any help,

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You will need to add any field that you want to ignore in you set analysis, followed by an =.

For instance, if the field Date is being filtered and you want to ignore it, you would use:

sum({<Date=,[Date.autoCalendar.Year] ={'$(vLastYear)'}>}TAmount)

Contributor II
Contributor II

But I don't want to remove the selection altogether, I want to choose only last year but keep all other user selections as it