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Set analysis - Inner aggregation not considering dimension?


I am try to build a table with the following metric by User.

COUNT({<[Security ID] = {"=Count({<$(=vSelectedDate)>} DISTINCT [Account ID]) <= 3"}>} DISTINCT [Security ID])

In a KPI, it gives the correct answer. But if I put it in a table, it seems like the securities are grouped by user, but not the accounts.

In other words, "Count({<$(=vSelectedDate)>} DISTINCT [Account ID]) <= 3" does not consider the user on the table row, but all the accounts for all users.

Is there a way to avoid this?


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Create a new key in your script

AutoNumber([Security ID]&User) as Key

and then try this

COUNT({<Key = {"=Count({<$(=vSelectedDate)>} DISTINCT [Account ID]) <= 3"}>} DISTINCT [Security ID])