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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Set variable value when filter is applied.

I have a table of 5 columns, with 5 additional columns that can be toggled on by QS Variable.

The toggles are button objects that just set a variable to 'on' or 'off' and the appropriate column in the table displays when the variable is set to 'on'.

What I would also like to do is set this variable value to 'on' when a specific filter is used. For instance, one of the 5 additional columns is a date field. I would like for it to display (variable set to 'on') when a specific filter is used that pertains to date.

Any advice?

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One idea: Use the sheet Navigation extension ( to put a button on the sheet, and instruct the user to click it. The extension lets you set an action to set a variable value with no navigation behavior.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Can you do it not on a button but on a filter change for example?


If you don't need your button to change but the column to be displayed, just add "Or GetSelectedCount(myField)>0" in your display condition.