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Setting different color threshold for Climber KPI

Currently, I am using 3 different color banding based on the relative comparison of actual and target measure.

Is there a way I can set different threshold for banding based on different values of actual measure?

For example:

Actual Measure = sum(sales) aggregated over a day

Target Measure = average daily sales calculated over a month.

If Actual Measure > 80:

Actual - Target > 10 => green

Actual - Target < 10 => red

else yellow


If Actual Measure > 90:

Actual - Target > 5 => green

Actual - Target < 11 => red

else yellow

Can I implement this logic in my color bands?

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Creator II
Creator II

You should be able to implement this by changing the color mode to expression.

The logic you've given for the colors doesn't quite make sense (e.g. evaluating Actual - Target > 5 and Actual - Target < 11 are both true) so you would need to make sure you work out exactly what you want your ranges to be before you implement them into an expression.

Let me know if you need further help.