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Contributor III
Contributor III

Sheet Actions - date range

I was happy to see the April 2020 release of Qlik Sense now includes Sheet Actions, as per the old Qlikview triggers, as this should allow me to resolve an issue with one particular dashboard.

However, I'm having a bit of difficulty with applying a date range (last 12 months) to a field using the "Select values in a field" action.


In Qlikview, selecting the last 12 months was done with the following in the Search String:

= '>=' & Date(AddMonths(MonthStart(Today()),-11), 'YYYYMM')


But that doesn't appear to work in Qlik Sense. It's a valid expression (no error), but I don't get a breadcrumb showing the selection.

If I simplify it to a single month:

= Date(AddMonths(MonthStart(Today()),-11), 'YYYYMM')


Then it works fine - June 2019 is selected (in format 201906).

But however I try including the 'greater than equals', it doesn't work.


I tried using the same format that I might apply in a field selector:

= MyDateField >= TEXT(DATE(MonthStart(Today(), -11), 'YYYYMM'))

which again is a valid expression, but the selection isn't being applied. I guess this may be because it's specifying the date field in both the Field and the Action.


I'm no doubt missing something really simple. If anyone has something similar working, can you let me know how?



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