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Contributor III
Contributor III

Smart visualization code

Hi everyone!


I can't come up with a clever function to show what to focus on, could you help me?

Background: I have a nice "Super KPI" which consists of multiple production KPI's combined.

let's say you have 3 values of "Machines:90%, Tools:93% and Manning:97%, then the average of them are below target ( 95%).
In the header I want it to say "Below target, focus on Machines". It's easy to find the lowest KPI by using the fuinction Rangemin( Machine calculations, tools calculations, Manning calculations ). But it will only give me the calculation answer 90% in this case not that it's regarding the machines. Here I would like it to return "position number 1 is the lowest => Machines"

The whole point of this is that there are multiple KPI involved and I want an easy overview what should be focused on, additionally the KPI's are droll down able for different departments.

Any suggestions, thanks in advance!

Combined KPICombined KPI

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You can create a widget / extension to meet this requirement.

Extension is much flexible.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks for the answer, I'd hoped not to create an extension for this since I'm only at a beginner level with javasript etc. But ooh well.