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Creator III
Creator III

Sorting bar chart in qliksense

Hello Team,

I have below bar chart :-



I have multiple dimensions and two measures. User want to see the bar values in descending order and it should be applicable whenever user is changing dimension from drop down.

Right now, i have two measure 12RM Current Year and 12 RM Previous Year. I have selected the measure 12RM previous year as the first option in sorting tab:-

Hence it is sorting on first measure, as a result the blue bar of that measure is showing numbers in correct order.


How can I achieve the sorting behavior for both the measure and it should be applicable  on all the dimensions?

Please help !

Thank You


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Hi, double check that you are really setting last yaera valuea as the first sort option, both have a very similrar text so maybe you are setting the worng one. 

Also expand the sort options, disble autoamtic and check the option to sort numercially.

For the dimensions I think there is no other option than going one by one: select dimension in chart or reassign dimensions and reasgn the sort because when you change to each dimension by default it sets the dimension as the first sort option, so you need to change it one by one to set each dimension after the expressions


What you can do is select alternatively each dimension you have in dashboard mode. Then go in edit mode, apply the change in the bar chart and change the sorting settings accordingly. Repeat the same pattern for each dimension you have. It’s a bit tidious but in the end the object will keep the sorting settings you have applied for each dimension.

Agree with @Henri_Rufin , its tedious but thats the way I do it.

Creator III
Creator III

Hello , thank you for your reply.


How should I sort the the bar for the second expression ? 

If you see in the screen shot I have two expression bar ( one in red and the other one in blue) . If I put the first  expression first in the sorting order then it will sort the bar only for the first ,but the bar in red color is for different expression which is not getting sorted. 


How should I sort both the expression in descending order ?