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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Switch between Month, Quarter and Year


I have a dashboard with various combo charts showing bars of different measures by Month as well as a 6 bar moving average line. My requirement is to allow users to switch to Quarter or Year, based on a radio box selection (single value radio box via Field UI extension, set to single value).

Any help how to do this in Qlik Sense please?

EDIT for clarity:
If users click to view by Quarter, the horizontal axis should change to Year-Quarter and charts should display for 6 quarters, 1 bar per quarter. Moving average line should be 6 quarters' moving average.
If users click Year, horizontal axis should be year; charts should display 6 years, 1 bar per year. Moving average should be 6 years' moving average.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

I would create a Calendar that has all the date elements that you need.  Even though it is not a "Radio Button", I would use the Qlik supported "Variable Input" extension to choose month, quarter, or year as the calculated dimension.