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Contributor II
Contributor II

Track Quality Check of a Process Based on the Data provided

Dear Folks,


I have a requirement to identify the application process quality check based on the actions performed by level 1 and level 2 people.


level1 as (Reviewer), Level 2 as (Approver)  

Lets say an application sent to level 1 user for approval he should review and approve it, next it will go to level 2 user for final approval.    

Here we need to show list of applications are sent back for modification from level 2 to level 1 and again level 1 will modify it and send for final approval to level 2.

As mentioned in the below table these entries are for one application.     

L1 Review & Sent for Approval > L2 Reviewed & suggested for Modification

L1 Modified > >> L2 Approved  

* Need to be display such kind of apps .  In below table twice this app was sent back for modifications also need to consider if L2 person sent for modification once instead of twice.   

16-04-202131120312356u986Reviewer L1Modify 
16-04-202131120312356u986Reviewer L1Approve 
17-04-202131120312356u124Approver L2Modify 
18-04-202131120312356u986Reviewer L1Modify 
18-04-202131120312356u986Reviewer L1Approve 
19-04-202131120312356u158Approver L2Modify 
19-04-202131120312356u986Reviewer L1Modify 
20-04-202131120312356u986Reviewer L1Approve 
20-04-202131120312356u158Approver L2Approve 





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Can you just do Sum(If(Level='Approver L2', 1, 0)-1?

You would get 3 total, and the -1 would give you how many times it must have been sent back.


Or Sum(If(Level='Approver L2' and Action='Modify', 1, 0)

For the pure count of how many times it was sent back from an approver. 

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Dalton,

Actually i have done this in load script like 


AppID=peek(AppID) AND Level ='Approver L2' AND Action='Modify' ,  User 

)  As Modified

When i used this field in chart , Data is being populated accordingly which seems to be valid.

Let business share the feedback as this report was delivered for validation.






Contributor II
Contributor II

How many times the application was modified was handled the other way previously, however now business expectation was to see only the summary of Approver L2 wise count of applications  sent back for modification to Reviewer.


No level is available in data but i could generate them based on the category  received from business and considered them as Approver and Reviewer using inline.