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Using Set Analysis with Separate Calendar Dimention

Hi Community hope you can help, a few days searching and trying to no avail. 

I am trying to create a Set Analysis that will calculate a result using a separate calendar table as the dimension.  

I have 2 tables One with Data and the other a generic calendar with the usual master calendar columns. 

I can get this to work with IF statements in my Pivot Table but they are slow due the volume of calculations and looking to do it with set analysis. 

COUNT(IF(([Job Start Date] <= (DATADATE) AND ([Job Complete Date] <= (DATADATE))) ,[Job Number]))

My Dimension is DATADATE from the Master Calendar table so when I use the following set analysis I get null.

COUNT({<[Job Start Date] = {"<=$(DATADATE)"}, [Job Complete Date] = {"<=$(DATADATE)"}>} [Job Number])

Attached is a sample data set and what the results should be. 
Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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