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View vizualisation without token Qsense


I would like to know if there is some kind of solution to my users to be able to just "see" a vizualisation (without being able to extract or modify the data) without any token.

The access policy of Qlik Sense is really restrictive and forces my user to work in a specific way (session of 1 hour).  Because I have many users that sometimes needs to get a look on a specific data vizualisation, an external view capability could be interesting.

Anyway am I the only that thinks that the access policy with the token (and the quarantine of 7 days...) is really bad ?


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Couple possibilities:

You can form a link to a visualization using the 'share' capabiltity in Qlik Cloud. This capability is called 'Qlik Charts'. Its in Beta on the cloud but it works just fine.  This generates a read only URL to an individual visualization which can be publicly shared. You need to register on Qlik Cloud to do this. Users of your Qlik Cloud app also have to register, but viewers of the read only SHARED URL do not.

The other option is more dependent on numbers. You can open up a pool of tokens to 'login passes'. One token = 10 logins per mont.  The logins can be consumed by anyone according to a security rule of your design (based on group, user , directory etc...)    At most 1 token = 10 logins / month = 1-10 different users / month.

And the third option is to work with your sales rep on something more creative. 

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The Qlik Cloud capability is built for small applications and for Qlik Sense Desktop isn't it ?

I'm working with Qlik Sense Server with big applications and if I would need to install&update everyone of them on a Qlik Sense Desktop application to be able to share a link it would be complicated and unclear for me and my users.  I didn't see any link or anything else linked to Qlik Cloud in my Qlik Sense Server, is there any ?

I understand the token policy but I think that it is really complex to work with it.  1 token = 10 sessions of one hour per month.  If the system was built in a way that the users could actually work 1 real hour anytime they want (meaning that if they work 10min then disconnect then reconnect again the day after during 20min it means 30min of connection) it could be interesting.  Here if one of my users needs 3 times an information during the day he will use 3 sessions on 10 in one day ! (except if he reconnects during the hour-session but it is rarely the case) 

The other solution is obviously to get one token per user allowing full unlimited access for him, which is very expensive if you have many users and makes no sense because this is supposed to be restricted to some kind of "power user".

It could also be interesting to have a countdown of the time remaining for a session (in the Qlik Sense Hub) and the release date of the token (in the QMC).

This token access policy is really restrictive and makes me have doubt about Qlik Sense... Am I the only one ? I'm not here to criticize.  I think this tool is really great but this is a hard limitation of the tool on my opinion.