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Contributor III
Contributor III

Wow comparison using ISO weeks

Hi All,

I have been doing WOW comparison using a rolling 52 week rolling period that is based on the default ISO week in Qlik I have plotted in okay and am happy with the results as it has summed each week correctly. The challenge I have is that I want to do a WOW comparison, but this wouldn't be accurate because the weeks shift by 1 as you can see in the second image attached. I am wondering is there a way I can write an equation to do the current week minus the current week last 52 week period -1. So for example week 46 this year ended on the 21-11-2021 this would correspond with week 47 last year which ended on the 22-11-2020, is there a way I can minus my order from week 47 previous year against week 46 this year and do that for the whole 52 week period? Id like to plot it like the 3rd picture.

My code for working out the current 52 week period and the previous is as follows:














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