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YTD Comparison

Hi everyone,

I need help with the following:

I need to do an YTD comparison in Qlik Sense. So far I have created a flag for the current year and the previous year and using the flag I am comparing the current year sales with the previous one. If I select  specific dates it will work again.

Now my question is the following - I have full 2020 data but for 2021 I have until the last day of the previous month (30th of October) so if I compare 2021 with 2020, I am actually comparing unfinished year (2021) with a finished one (2020) and this should not be the case. 

How can I make Qlik understand that I want to compare the current year with the previous year, but only until the date I have available for the current year (in this case 30th of October). 

Any ideas will be helpful! Thanks!

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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Hi ShellyG,

how do you want to display this comparison? In a straight Table, in a Bar Chart or a Line Chart?

To get the same date for last year you could use the MakeDate Function like this:

MakeDate(Year(Today()-1) to get the first day of last year and MonthEnd(MakeDate(Year(Today())-1,Month(Today())-1, 1)) to get the last day of your previous month in last year.

You can put each formula in a variable and use them in your calculations.

Hope this helps,



Hi Can,

Thanks for your reply! 

This would work, but unfortunately not fully as I am comparing fiscal periods, which means that in these cases 15th of November this year, might not be the same as 15th of November last year. 

Best Regards,