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Creator III
Creator III

close button after reloading a script need to be pressed few times


a strange behavior i randomly encounter after working some time with an app: (happens both on server and desktop)

i usually like to open the "app overview" and the "data load editor" in two tabs when I'm working on an app

now i run reload and when the reload finishes and i move to the app overview there is a warning window saying an error occurred and that there is a reload in progress.

(so it doesn't know YET that the reload has finished but that OK) then i press the close button, and i can continue to work on my sheet.

but after few days working like this something strange begins to happen.

when i press the "close" button on the warning window, it doesn't go away like it usually does,

instead it gets a bit brighter, and only when i press it the second time , it actually closes.

now that goes on for few days.

and then i begin to need to press the button more times , and the number of times grow every few days.

i now have an app that makes me press the button 7 times before i finally get the sheet available to work on after reload

(each press the warning msg and the background gets a but more bright, until eventually it get to normal brightness and lets me work)

restarting the browser or the services does not change that

i have seen this on number of installations on various hardware configuration and i think i first saw it on sense version September 2017

also it doesn't happen to all the apps at once, each app increases the number pf presses it requires on its own timetable lol

any one noticed it?

Thank you

Daniel Chotzen

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