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Creator II
Creator II

correlation not working properly

Hi, I have correlated two tables ( SPT_AUDIT_EVENT) & (SPT_BUNDLE3) but the correlation is not working. Not working as in when I select a row in RBACType from spt_bundle3, correlating field in spt_audit_event is not populated. 


Key field 'xxYY' in spt_audit_event has information density of 7% and subset ratio of 89% whereas that field in spt_bundle3 has  information density of 100%.  This is my script from two different tables:

Subfield(Trim([New Removed Entitlements]),'),') As [xxYY],

Upper(Trim([RBAC Application])) & ' | ' & upper(Trim([RBAC Entitlements])) As [xxYY],


What could be the issue? 



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