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Contributor III

cumulative line chart - rangesum


I am working in the QlikCloud.

I have a specified dataset with 20 quarters and sales volume. I would like to show a line chart where I provide for every quarter the cumulated sum of the last four quarters.

My dimension is: FQ and my expression is: rangesum(above(TOTAL Sales,0,4))

This works fine, but now I want to select only the last 5 quarters (15-20) and still see meaningful data in the line chart. unfortunately what happens is that if selecting those last 5 quarters, the chart does not show correct values anymore. Instead, in FQ15 I can see only the sales value for this specific quarter and not the sum of 12+13+14+15 anymore, like I would expect. Same for FQ16 & 17. From FQ18 on it is fine again.

please see attached example.

Can anyone please explain me what I am missing here?
I have created a similar chart in QlikView in the past and there it worked fine with the selections.

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Accepted Solutions

Please try this,
Aggr(Rangesum({<FQ=>}Above(TOTAL Sales,0,4)),FQ)

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Please try this,
Aggr(Rangesum({<FQ=>}Above(TOTAL Sales,0,4)),FQ)