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Contributor II
Contributor II

how to see values in 0 ?

Hi everyone, I'm going to tell you my problem.

I have in my application data this design:

Sales = FactTable (Current date)

Meta = Sales Goals (Estimate)

Forecast = Sales Forecast (Estimate)


My problem is, I can not see my Meta if I do not have data in Ventas table to the same period.


Table Ventas have data between 2017-Jan and 2017-May

Table Meta have data Between 2017-Jan and 2017-Dec

If i want to see Meta in 2017-Oct i can not do that because i need more information in FactTable until 2017-Oct as minimun.

After saw that problem, i decide to charge dummy data in FactTable with all values in zero to bypass this problem, but for some reason Qlik Sense still blocking me.

Anyone know how i can see the Meta ?

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi Alvaro

the most common approach to this issue in Qlik is to use a Link table - this table will sit between your Fact tables and allow for the correct filtering of your data.  There are quite a few responses on the community relating to Link Tables, so I won't list them all - but checking one of these will help you to resolve your problem.

Here is one to start with: how to create link table in Qlikview?

Hope that helps.

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Try:-  Left join (Ventas)

Load * Resident Meta_Interna