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Creator II
Creator II

is a partial reload possible?

What I want to be able to do is put all of my variable definitions on their own page in the data load editor and then reload just that one page.  Is this possible?

Context: I prefer defining variables in the data load editor because then I can see them all at once and arrange them logically instead of alphabetically.  (And also edit them in another editor.)  The downside to this is that any time I make changes to these variable definitions, I have to reload all of my data for the changes to take effect.  Sometimes, that's a slow process due to the volume of data, and sometimes it's not even possible because the data can only be reloaded during certain hours of the day.

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Master II
Master II

Not sure if this would work but you can define a variable in your external file (excel) either 1 or 0 and store that in QVD?

XL file can have 2 columns or 1

Variable Change






FROM ......Variable_Setting.qvd


//let Variable_load = peek('variable_load',0);

IF   '$(variable_load)' = '1' then

All your variables.....

set abc

let abc etc....

else exit script;





This is not tested so I'm not sure if this would work but just an idea of how you can use an external file to change from 1 or 0 with combination of IF condition in script to just read variables in back-end and exit script....

I'm sure someone else may have a better idea to make this work.