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remove synthetic keys

Anyone please remove synthetic keys from this applcation

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Former Employee
Former Employee


Impossible, unless one understands the logic of the data.

But let's make some assumptions, some guesses and ask some questions:

  1. There are a number of cars that are rented. There should be a Car table, with one record per car, and a CarID. Is this the table now called CarRent?
  2. Each car has an owner, and one owner can own several cars. The CarOwner table should contain one record per person, and a field CarOwnerID. The Car table should contain the CarOwnerID.
  3. Each car can be rented multiple times. The Booking table should contain one record per rental occasion, and a BookingID. It should also contain both the CarID and the CustomerID.
  4. The customers are stored in the Customer table. CarOwner and Customer are not the same thing. Then all the links between these two tables must be removed, e.g. LastName cannot be called LastName in both tables.
  5. Each booking can have multiple reviews, stored in the Reviews table. This table should contain the BookingID.

So, remove ALL current keys, and introduce CarOwnerID, CarID, CustomerID, BookingID and ReviewID. No other keys should be present.