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Contributor III
Contributor III

select two difrent field of date by one date piker

Hi every one.

i have to different field of Date which one of them is related to Customer joining date and the other one related to Customer invoice date

now for example i want to check last month total number of joined Customer and total number of Customers who have purchased (in-depended to each other by one date piker)


normally when im selecting the its filtering each other for example , when im piking the date of joining customer and i want to see how many Customer purchased, it will filter from those customer who has registered on that period of selection.

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Add to your measurement a calculation that uses the function P () and the selector to ignore the current selection, for example "SUM ({1 <InvoiceDate = P (Date)>} Customer) + COUNT (Customer)" in this example the field [Date] is linked to the calendar table.




Lucas Santos
Consultor Sênior de Business Intelligence