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Contributor II
Contributor II

selection is not getting ignored when Total<> function is used. Single line should be displayed.

Selection is not getting ignored when Total<> function is used.

Opportunity Total Value should be on the basis of [Opportunity ID],[Business Group]

Data before selecting Product Line filter:


Data After selecting Product Line Filter:
Opportunity Total Value is calculated correctly by ignoring the product Line selection. Opportunity Total Value should remain frozen irrespective of the Product Line selection. 
Expression used for Opportunity Total Value :  Sum({<[Product Line]=>}total<[Opportunity ID],[Business Group]>[Total Value])

But the problem is after selecting a particular Product Line, Other product Line's are also getting displayed with '0' values. I don't want them to get displayed. Only 1 line should be displayed up on the selection of 1 product Line.

Please help me here.

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Can someone please help here ?

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi @Srilu_V ,


Just Change the Formula for your Total Sales.

I have taken different Fields, just change according to your requirement

Sum({<ProductID, ProductName, CategoryName =>} Total Sales)


Attaching images



Contributor II
Contributor II

Thankyou for your reply !! @RamanaKumarChintalapati 


This Expression gives the total sales just by ignoring the fields mentioned in the set analysis.
Sum({<ProductID, ProductName, CategoryName =>} Total Sales
I am looking something like this. Total sales based on the grouping of Opportunity ID & GBU and ignore the ProductLine field mentioned in the set analysis.
Sum({<[Product Line]=>}total<[Opportunity ID],GBU>[Total Value])    --- This is not working as expected. Only one list should be displayed when a productline is selected. But if you see in the screenshot. all product line's are shown. I have attached the qvf for your reference.