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Contributor III
Contributor III

sum is false ???

I everybody,

I need your help please because i don't understand how it can be possible or what i do wrong :

qlik sum.PNG

For each docN° i have a quantity and a sales value (Ventes).

For the docN° 1028 i have quantity : 1 and Ventes : 35... sum(quantite) = 1 and sum(Ventes)=35... tis is correct

For the docN° 12853 i have quantity : 1 and Ventes : 30... sum(quantite) = 2 !!! and sum(Ventes)=60 !!!.. why i have the double !!!????

What did i do wrong please


Thanks for help and good evening !



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Master II
Master II

It's difficult to be precise without seeing your data and your load script, but it sure looks like you have a duplicate record.

Contributor III
Contributor III

i have found it was because of an intervalmatch not state in the art !

Thanks a lot for your help !