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Analyzing Whatsapp Groups posts and messages

Hello everybody,

I do many Qlik demonstrations for different types of audiences and companies and I often get the following question:

- Can you connect to Whatsapp?

Well, it´s hard, but... - No, I can´t, until now !!


  1. Qlik Sense Desktop. I use the version setember2017, but I think it´s compatible with anyone others.
    • If you to use the Qlik Cloud, you may to substitute the extensions by standard graphs.
    • If you want to use Qlik Enterprise, just import this app at QMC. Remember to make the Folder connection available.
  2. The simple app use this extensions, just click to download this
  3. The analyzing app
    • Whatsapp - PT-BR and Whatsapp - EN

Step 1 - Extract the Group messages

At you cell phone open Whatsapp and enter in a group you want to extract the messages.

Just click on three points at group upper corner.

Then select More...

Send to email...

Select Without midia.

This feature is not available at Whatsapp Web, so you need to use the cell phone, not the computer.

Step 2 - Store the file at a working directory

Acess the e-mail and Save to... the file into working directory

Step 3 - Open Qlik Sense and load the data

Download this sample application

Open the Qlik Sense Desktop

Open the sample app Whatsapp

Just Reload the data


1) The name of the group was generated by Whatsapp folloing this:

Whatsapp Conversation with <Group>.txt

So the following code identify de <Group> by FileBaseName and SubField functions

and its load several files using the <*.txt>. You just put the files at same directory.

2) There are some particular words at Whatsapp: enter, left, start, add

This code identify this particular words to extract the correct messages

3) Identify the line breaks

The txt file break the messages when member type enter.

To avoid this, we need to verify if @1 it´s a date, and Peek to bring the last loaded line.

4) Avoiding unwanted chars and words

I use a Purgechar and Not Match to avoing load words that´s i consider garbage, you can

edit this in the Words Section.

This is a simple way to do that and I hope you can improve this and share about all of us.

Best regards,

Pedro A. Bergo

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